Sicherheitstechnik und Zubehör

für Standard-Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

Tragfix-panel carrier HGPT 1 0-40 mm                                 item-no. 50504

Tragfix-panel carrier HGPT 2 0-70 mm                                 item-no. 50505

The proven, lightweight and easy to handle tool for easy and gentle to material way to carry every kind of panels. Solid, galvanised steel support with three rubber coated gripper which protect the panels during transport. Spare rubber available! 



UNI-panel carrier HGUP 0-65 mm                                         item-no. 50502

The UNI-panel carrier is characterized by:

It's high load capacity (forged steel body) despite it's extremly low weight.

The clamping force depends on the weight of the panel.

The application range for all panel materials (chipboard, solid wood, plastic, plasterboard ect.).

It's ergonomic rubber grip.

The proofen special clamping jaws with grippy rubber we use in our UNI-clamp.

Th new "U-shape" (with this new shape it's also very easy to pull the panels horizontally) .

It's convenient shape and attractive design.



Door lifter HGTH 1                                                               item-no. 50500

The door lifter HGTH 1 is the perfect tool for professional, carpenter, painters, glasser, metal worker, facility manager, hobbist ect.

For carpener a constantly recurring work is the montage and dismantling of doors and gates. With the door lifter this work is a child's play. First assembly, maintenance of heavy doors can be done very easy by one person.

It's not only possible to lift doors but also insert diverting walls, lifting furniture and other subjects and displace for just a few mm.

Made of solid, galvanised metal construction for lifting, lowering and pivoting with foot pressure!

load capacity 120 kg



Door lifter HGTH 2                                                               item-no. 50501

The door lifter HGTH 2 is an usefull helper to remove heavy and bulky doors. First assembly, adjustment or maintenance of heavy doors can be done very easy by one person.

It's not only possible to lift doors but also insert diverting walls, lifting furniture and other subjects and displace for just a few mm.

load capacity 110 kg



S-drilling jig HGBL - SET                                                       item-no. 50506

The S-drilling jig HGBL enables precise and fast drilling for cabinet doors, door handles and all other holes in different kind of doors.

The hole distance is individually adjustable from 64 to 1400 mm and the side distance from 15 to 200 mm. This ensures that all holes in one serie have the same hole distance and the same distance to the outer edge. The setting can be done by the integrated milimeter scale or simply by attaching a furniture handle to the adjusting tip.

Extension available!


Drilling jig BLLB


Drilling jig for quick and easy drilling of borings for hinges like knobs, handles on drawers and doors. The horizontal scale is made of stainless steel and has a division of 200-0-200 mm (total length 400 mm) and the vertical scale is made of anodized aluminum with a division of 0-250 mm. 

The four drill sleeves are suitable for a 5 mm drill bit and made of hardened steel. With adjustable ruler made of aluminum and a side fence made of plastic, mounted on the drill sleeve holder. The boring distance is easily adjustable through the scales and to clamp with a knurled screw.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               item-no. 50530


Drilling jig BLR - set

for quick and easy line drilling with a fixed raster of 32 mm, 48 mm, 64 mm, 80 mm and 96 mm. 

The set consists of: 

- base body 

- depth stop with clamping screws, adjustable through scale 

- 7 drill sleeves 5 mm incl. drill bit and depth stop 

- 7 drill sleeves 6 mm incl. drill bit and depth stop 

- hex wrench SW 3 

- 2 spare knurled nuts 

- 1 key for knurled nut for easy opening                                                                                                       item-no. 50540

Drilling jig self centering BLSZ

consists of drill sleeves (3 x 6 mm, 3 x 8 mm, 3 x 10 mm) and locating pins (6, 8 and 10 mm), clamping area 17 - 60 mm, material aluminum, solid Version.