Sicherheitstechnik und Zubehör

für Standard-Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

Tenoning table made of steel FRZ                                        item-no. 20520

Length of sliding guide 1100 x 210 mm

Size of sliding plate 360 x 280 mm

Sliding length 800 mm

Easy montage on the machine table of the spindle moulder. Wit ruler fence and stop, fence adjustable to both sides up to 45°.


Longitudinal fence FRL for tenoning table                           item-no. 20521

Length of Profile 1000 mm, extractable up to 1500 mm


Protecting cover FRSH for tenoning table                            item-no. 20522

for max. tool diameter of 350 mm



Safety fence plates FRA 500/500 mm                                   item-no. 20507

Safety fence plates FRA 650/650 mm                                   item-no. 20508

Safety fence plates FRA, anodized version. In the fence plates integrated and horizontal stepless adjustabe 22 safety ruler ensure a safe guide of short workpieces. Through the two clamping pieces which are eccentrically adjustable in the height, the fence plates are mountable on nearly every shaper fence.

Set safety ruler FRS                                                             item-no. 20509

Suitable for existing shaper fences with grooved profile rails like Panhans and Oertli


 1 set consists of:


  •  3 safety ruler 260 x 3 mm
  •  2 safety ruler 260 x 6 mm
  •  1 safety ruler 300 x 3 mm
  •  1 safety ruler 300 x 6 mm
  •  1 groove board, wood
  •  2 splinter proofs, wood
  •  4 slide block with screw, steel
  •  1 hexagon screw driver 6 mm


Safety rule FRSE individually

Suitable for existing shaer fences with grooved profile rails like Panhans and Oertli



Safety ruler anodized aluminium without slide block and screw  

260 x 3 mm                                                                                         item-no. 20500

Safety ruler anodized aluminium without slide block and screw

260 x 6 mm                                                                                         item-no. 20501

Safety ruler anodized aluminium without slide block and screw

300 x 3 mm                                                                                         item-no. 20510

Safety ruler anodized aluminium without slide block and screw

300 x 6 mm                                                                                         item-no. 20511


Slide block FRG

square made of high quality galvanised steel, dimension 20x20x5 mm with screw and flat washer                                                                                   item-no. 20502


Slide block FRGD

Fixation from the front without changing the position of the shaper fence                                                 item-no. 20602


Slide block FRSCM


with screw 6 x 14 mm for groove width 7,8 mm, height 13 mm, total depth 10 mm for SCM spindle moulder 

         item-no. 13732



Groove profile rail FRN

made of anodized aluminium, length 150 mm, bore distance 90 mm  item-no. 20503




Splinter-proof FRSP

made of high quality glued wood                                                         item-no. 20506




Groove board FRK

made of high quality glued wood                                                         item-no. 20505




Hexagon screwdriver FRIS

SW 6 mm, total length 225 mm with ball shaped head and nickel-plated shaft.                                                                                                  item-no. 20504


Tilting support FRAK for feeder                                         item-no. 20523

for lateral montage on the machine table 



Ring fence FRT                                                                     item-no. 20540

The ring fence FRT allows to mill curved and circular workpieces. It can be fitted on all spindle moulder with a max. spindle diameter of 50 mm and a max. tool diameter of 160 mm and is easy to mount on the machine table with two clamping lever. The ring can be easily adjusted in the depth through a grip. The integrated dust suction hood has a diameter of 120 mm and guarantees an ideal suction cleaning.



Safety shaper fence FRAD                                                    item-no. 20550

with aluminium fence plates (photo shows wooden fence plates) and adjustable rails. Adjustment of the complete fence assembly through handwheel, with mechanical counter for milling depth. Fine adjustment of the left fence plate through rear knob. Max. tool diameter 250 mm. Including protecting and pressing device FRD according to the CE regulations. Easy montage on the machine table, suitable for all spindle moulder.


Protecting and pressing device FRD                                     item-no. 20541

suitable for almost every shaper fence for safe work with manual feed on spindle moulder. The pressing device is stepless adjustable horizontally and vertically and can be locked in the working and upper position.



Feed roller FRV                                                                    item-no. 20512

Diameter 120 mm, width 60 mm, boring 35 mm with two side holes 8,2 mm, distance 48 mm, suitable for Holzkraft, Wegoma, Panhans.


Feed roller FRE


Diameter 120 mm, width 25 mm, hub diameter square 16 mm, suitable for Elu-feeder